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Permit Master is owned and operated by fishermen, so we know the business from all sides. We understand how the various loan programs work with all the major lending institutions, to facilitate a buyers financing. PERMIT MASTER maintains an extensive database of buyers and sellers for IFQs, boats and permits. If you’re interested in buying or selling, or just want a market quote on prices, give us a call or an email. Chances are we’ve already got what you’re looking for or have someone who wants what you’ve got.

Our Free Services Include:

Professional brokers on duty 7 days a week, so you can find out what’s happening on weekends or after hours, not just 9 to 5. Our brokers all have home offices, direct email addresses and personal toll-free numbers so if you need to reach a specific person with a question, they are available. We make it a point not to have each broker specialize in a particular segment. We feel the customer is better served when any broker can answer a question instead of passing the question on or otherwise delaying the response. Our satellite offices allow us to be available to meet with customers at their convenience in either Tacoma and Anacortes or anywhere in Western Washington by appointment.

Permit Master provides simple and safe Earnest Money and Sales Agreements. These agreements can be faxed or emailed and can usually be signed the same day a sale is agreed to. We have an escrow account that holds all funds safely until the property is transferred. Upon signing an Earnest Money Agreement, we start a lien search process with the necessary agencies and send transfer documents to the buyer and then seller. Once it is determined the property is free of liens and the balance due is in escrow the transfer documents are submitted to the relevant agency for transfer. Upon notification of transfer, Permit Master notifies the buyer and seller and disburses the proceeds of the sale to the seller.


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